Our Vision

4Life's vision is to see bottle-less water purifiers become the new norm thereby reducing the amount of plastic water containers in circulation, and simultaneously reducing traffic and carbon emissions associated with the manufacturing, distribution/refilling and disposal of plastic water containers.

All while saving the consumer money & contributing to more sustainable living.

Our Quality

Our system which includes monitoring & follow up service, allow us to guarantee the best consistency of water quality in the industry.

1. We install and maintain from day 1 at no cost to you. 
2. We change filters and parts at no cost to you.
3. We routinely analyse and guarantee the quality of your water at no cost to you.

Together we are responsible and eco-friendly for a better tomorrow, for our environment, for our planet, for our children, for Life!

Please email us on info@4lifewater.com to inquire about our pricing structure

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